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In general: we listed prices per 100g where cones vary in weight. Please let us know how much you need and we will try to meet this weight as best as possible. For quantities > 10 kg of one yarn blend please ask for discounts. 

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Tussah-Seacell Nm 14/2                  15,- USD/ 100g


A yarn made of 70% tussah silk and 30% seacell. Beautiful, high quality tussah silk, bleached but still a bit golden in color blended with sea cell to give even more support and strength. Due to the production process the silk has grip and is more hairy compared to mulberry silk. appr. 7000m/kg - 3470 ypp

Silk-Pearl-Stellina Nm 14/2           16,- USD/ 100g


A yarn created from 70% silk, 27% Pearl and 3% Stellina. Beautiful, high quality silk blended with pearl makes this yarn a heavenly cloud. The Stellina  adds glitter in rainbow colors. Appr. 7000m/kg - 3470 ypp

Silk-Milk-Seacell Nm 14/2      12,- USD/ 100g


A yarn created from 50% silk, 20% Milk and 30% Seacell. Beautiful, high quality silk blended with milk and seacell gives this yarn the cush you usually know from wool/silk - only with less bounce. Yarn comes in 500g cones; appr. 7000m/kg - 3470 ypp

High Quality European Spun Mulberry Schappe Silk Nm 12/2                  85,- USD or 17 USD/100g


A yarn made of 100% mulberry silk. The silk is high quality Schappe Silk of long staple silk fiber. If you search an elegant, timeless, luxurious yarn, which has beautiful shine and drape and is excellent to dye this is the yarn you want. Comes in 500g cones; appr. 6000m/kg - 2975 ypp