Exclusive Yarns & Baby Wraps

As the leading supplier of  high quality undyed and custom-hand dyed yarns for weaving and knitting we specialized on exotic luxurious blends especially used in hand weaving.  Yarn blends combine the advantages of different fibers in one single yarn. We put all our knowledge and experience from years of baby wearing into the creation of new blends and love to advise you to find the right yarn blend for your individual preferences. We work closely together with hand weavers and lately a hand weaver joined our team so that we now create and sell not only yarns but also combine these yarns to beautiful scarfs, baby wraps and other textile products.

WOOL, Silk and Silkblends

Silk and wool and blends thereof are well known for their luxurious touch. Nothing comes close in terms of softness while still being stronger as most other fibers. We offer our clients a wide range of silk and silk-blends:

- Mulberry Schappe Silk

- Bourettesilk

- Tussahsilk-Seacell


- Silk-Pearl-Stellina

- Silk-Milk-Seacell


For centuries cotton, linen and hemp are used to create durable textiles. Currently we offer our clients:

- Mercerized Egyptian Cotton

- Supima Cotton

Exotic Yarns

Besides these classic fibers we offer some exotic blends. Although these fibers are used traditionally in other parts of the world, it's popularity in the western world is increasing only lately. Currently we offer the following blends:

- Soy


- Seacell-Rose-Hemp



So place an order please contact us via email: info@variegations.de